The God of Medicine

By 17 March, 2018English

I shared with 50 loving souls a most fulfilling outdoors seminar at the Asclepius Sanctuary at Epidavros, Greece. One more of my Chakras of the Earth seminars, this time focusing not just on the healing qualities of the Earth where the Sanctuary is, but also on the spiritual archetype of the healer.

Asclepius, son of Apollo, is the God of Medicine in Greek Mythology and this place is where people came to be purified by water and a special diet before they went to sleep, awaiting a visit of the God in their dreams. Asclepius would give them information in the dream that later the priests would interpret and design a treatment based on it that would heal their disease.

Here is the room where all actually took place for centuries. Hippocrates was a priest of this order before he went on to develop the more scientific treatments that made him the model for what would later be the allopathic medicine we have in most medical systems today.

The caduceus, a serpent-entwined rod that today is used as the symbol of Medicine is actually the symbol of Asclepius.

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