Energy is not three-dimensional, therefore it is not subjected to the constraints of time and space. You cannot measure the height, or length of a Meridian or a Chakra, because they are non-dimensional structures that transcend any such limitations.

The way to contact energy is through intuition: a very well organized web of information that can be accessed form anywhere, by anyone, anytime.

In a distance healing session, we’ll have a short conversation via Skype or telephone, to determine what needs or objectives you want to work on. Then, you can relax wherever you are for about 20 to 30 minutes, without crossing your arms or legs. During that time I’ll check the state and work on your meridians, your chakras and other subtle aspects of your being, to try to help you find a more effective use of your energy. You will feel something happening, usually an enhanced sense of relaxation at the same time that you feel revitalized and centered.

At the end of the session we do another few minutes of conversation, so I can give you feedback on what I perceived is going on and maybe give you some recommendations to take the work forward by yourself in the following days.

This part of the session is important, to help you know yourself a little better each time.

I am available for short-notice sessions too.

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