DURABLE CHANGE can happen in a minute.

Sometimes it’s not complicated or difficult to change behaviors that have been repeated for many, many years.
In my last teaching tour to Europe, one of my students came with her husband for an introduction class to The Energetic Dynamics of Grounding.
It was an open class, so no previous experience was needed to attend. It only lasted an hour and a half but I could tell that he felt a little awkward being there. My guess was that he was there just to humor his wife.
In that class we did some exercises and I explained the relationship between the energy of the Earth, the Root Chakra, the function of the Large Intestine and our ability to let go and be present in every moment.
As soon as I returned home to Uruguay, I got this message from her:
Hola Diego!
I must tell you some things that happened since we attended your class.
My husband and I have been married for 20 years.
In ALL this time he has suffered from chronic constipation. He could move his bowels only once or twice a week.
When he was on holidays in another town or country he took at least 3 or MORE days for using the bathroom.
He was always a very reserved person. He never talked about his childhood, or about his fears.
This is one of the reasons why our marrige has been in crisis for years.
And now the news:
After the seminar on Friday he moved his bowels with ease!!!
From this point on, he’s done it regularly nearly each day!!!
He finally talked about his childhood and about his fears!
We talked about our marrige with open hearts and we see new horizons for our relationship.
These are only some of the changes since your class. but there is so much more!
You’re amazing!”
As shiatsu practitioners, and myself as a teacher, we have to be aware of the potential to change someone’s life with just one touch.
Just one word.
This is a high responsibility that I take with joy because I see things like this happening in my practice often.
I feel eternally blessed for this.

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