When doing bodywork, be it shiatsu or anything else, you can choose to focus on the material aspects of the body (anatomy, physiology or the symptoms), or you can focus on the energy aspects (meridians, chakras and so on) that are the movement that gives structure and supports the body-mind.

Like in this video you can focus on each peanut, or you can zoom out to focus on the larger picture. That is: the movement that is going on, involving not only each individual peanut, but the space and relationships between them, the pan they are in and the hand (or source) that initiates the movement.

That is the beauty and elegance of looking at the body not just as the sum of the parts, but the Unity within itself and with the Universe.

In clinical terms, it’s a lot more effective to deal with symptoms or disease, when you take in consideration the energetic patterns that lay behind the symptoms. It will also help the client to understand the meaning of their symptom in relationship to their life circumstances, accelerating the time and depth of healing.-

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