The sessions are done mainly on a massage table, with the client fully clothed. With gentle finger pressure, the practitioner senses and enhances the flow of energy in the client’s body-mind-spirit.

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Spiritual retreats

Stay by the ocean at the spectacular Ohana House, located in La Pedrera, Uruguay. Luxury accommodation for individuals or groups in a natural environment, near a sea-lion reserve …

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Explore the many ways you can learn more about yourself through seminars, lectures, retreats and online training. This year, I will be focusing more on grounding techniques …

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Diego Sanchez

Diego has been practicing and teaching shiatsu and meditation for over 20 years. He specializes in supporting critical illness patients with shiatsu and shamanic techniques. He was born and raised in Uruguay but lived in several European countries before moving to New York City. He was there at the time of the attacks on 9-11 and worked at Ground Zero and other locations giving shiatsu to the rescue workers, police and army personnel. He was a member of the staff in Dr Oz’ integrative Medicine Program at Columbia Presbyterian Hospital, giving shiatsu to open-heart surgery and organ transplant patients in the Intensive Care Unit.

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Talking about Chi and energy is too much for my medically oriented mind. All I care about is that it works!! Am I a believer? You bet I am and so are the many friends and patients I have sent to Diego Sanchez.

Joye A. Walsleben, PhD, Dip'I ABSM Director, NYU Sleep Disorders Center

Diego is a great teacher and he has helped many of my patients.

Dr Oz

You calm me down, take the pain away and keep my system going. It keeps everything together

N.S Cancer patient undergoing chemotherapy
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