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A hands-on Shiatsu or Energy Re-Aligning session lasts about an hour (up to an hour and a half, the first time).
It involves a 10 minute verbal exchange to understand what issues you’d like to work on.
Then, lying on a couch/massage table with your clothes on, I’ll do an energetic assessment of Meridians and Chakras to see which are the ones that need more attention.

Applying gentle pressure with my fingertips in specific points and meridians, mobilizing joints and other techniques, I’ll work throughout the body to re-establish a smooth energetic flow that will reflect back on the body, emotions, thoughts and spiritual aspects of your Self.

During a Shiatsu or Energy Re-Aligning session, my objective is to get to know WHO you are by understanding HOW you use your energy to do things. Within minutes I’ll have an energetic picture of you that usually contains the meaning that the problem/symptom or disease specifically has for you.

Understanding the meaning, the WHY or for what purpose the symptom is there, opens the door for a quick and total recovery from almost anything.

Working with this information (non verbally – only through touch) your body will learn a different way of using the energy, so you will be able to shift from your usual patterns into a more efficient one.

You will normally feel more relaxed and revitalized after a session.

At the end of the session, we’ll have another verbal exchange to reaffirm what happened energetically, so you can take the healing further through conscious awareness of how you use your own energy. If appropriate, I’ll give you simple exercises and recommendations to strengthen your conscious path to health.

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Notice: Shiatsu is not a medical treatment and is not a substitute for medical care. You should always consult with a physician if you think you need one. Shiatsu is intended to be a tool to be integrated in your general health care.