The Dynamics of Grounding (in Uruguay)

By 8 March, 2014English, Talleres Uruguay

Tree-Roots B&WFor expats and people that are going through unexpected life changes.

If you are feeling that you are “not from here nor there”, or you are having too many changes in a short time, or you are always “on the go”, there’s a way to make life more enjoyable by learning how to be more grounded wherever you are.

Grounding through meditation, mindfulness, and chakra activation techniques gives you access to a state of physical and emotional wellbeing, in a matter of minutes. It’s a skill that is useful in your everyday life as well as in a crisis.

We’ll also learn what is the energetic dynamics of Uruguay and how you can work with it for your personal and professional life.

March 29th 9:30 AM to 4PM


Diego Sanchez is a shiatsu and meditation teacher that lives in Uruguay and regularly teaches in Europe and USA.

One-day seminar.
Saturday March 29th 2014 9:30AM to 4PM.
Rivera 6488 esq. Costa Rica, Montevideo. Tel +598 2604 3412
Diego Sanchez cel. 095 278442
$UY3000 (US$135)

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