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Presentation at the Shiatsu Society Congress of the UK – London

9 October, 2016

El Poder del Arraigo Diego-Sanchez.com

The Energetic Dynamics of Grounding—Re-assessing the Large Intestine Meridian through the Root Chakra,

Grounding is our capacity to relax with the confidence that we are being supported underneath by the Earth. It’s also to feel rooted, stable, confident, solid.

In meridian terms, the Large Intestine and it’s function of “letting go” is what allows us to relax an be who we really are. Our fast paced lifestyle is becoming a challenge to our right to be, because our mind is forced to always be “ahead” in the future, planning, imagining or interacting with a virtual reality that is not in the present.

This separates our feet from the ground energetically and it can be seen in an array of very common symptoms that we see in our practices:

* Constipation/Diarrhea

* Issues with Motherhood, Feminine energy

* Depression, lack of self worth, inabilty to feel

* Instability, hips, knee & ankle joints, problems in the legs, lack of mobility

* Conflicts of territory and their influence in the Large Intestine

* Colon cáncer

* Trauma and Survival

* Absent Mindedness, distraction, inability to be present

* Mind/Body disharmony.


9 October, 2016
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