Extraordinary things happen with simple inner movements

Dolphins playing

I just came back from teaching the chakra energy activation exercises at a retreat in a pristine part of the Uruguayan coast. As we were doing the exercise of connecting with the energy of the Earth and the Ocean through the first chakra, three dolphins came into our view and played for a while on the surf. The sense of joy we experimented was comparable to watching the birth of a new life. We couldn’t help but smile and rejoice.

Although the place (La Pedrera, Uruguay) is amazingly vibrant, the meditations we were doing can be done absolutely anywhere. Nothing external is needed, maybe some guidance at the start, but only your presence and placing the attention on yourself is what changes your inner world. This in turn, changes the world around you.

The first chakra’s right, is the right to be. When you allow yourself to be, to exist under your own rules, not somebody else’s, you become fully present. There’s nowhere else to go, or “to be like”. You just ARE.

It seems simple but I’m finding that most of us are not fully “here”. We are a bit here and a bit there. Dreaming or worrying about the future, or in the past with regrets about things that cannot be changed.

When our survival (our right to exist) is challenged, by the loss of a job, a meaningful person or relationship; by disease or any event that leaves us out on a limb, the first chakra is always involved.

Learning how to activate it, is one of the most basic, fast and effective survival strategies on my kit of Life’s useful lessons and tools. Just a simple inner movement, that can save a life.

I’d like to share it with you on my webinar about Using Chakras to Relieve Trauma

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